Manufacturing, Warehouse, and Logistics

Westaff's Manufacturing, Warehouse, and logistics division delivers cost effective results and people with the skillsets that match the requirement of the job.

Our rigorous assessment and prescreening process assures our clients that Westaff will put quality employees with the right skill sets on the job that will positively impact total labor cost with productivity gains, reduced turnover, fewer injuries and creating a stable workers compensation rate platform.

Nobody takes safety more seriously than Westaff. To us, risk management is essential to staffing success.


Using our Client Needs Assessment, we build a flexible, customized plan based on your production cycles, safety procedures, performance criteria, corporate culture, and more.


We add an extra level of screening at no cost. Our Insight integrity screening quickly identifies and screens out undesirable candidates who are prone to violence, substance abuse, theft, or workers’ compensation fraud.


Westaff leads the industry in reducing workplace accidents and injuries by providing:
• Proactive risk control incentive programs to keep safety top-of-mind.
• Rigorous screening and safety training for workers.
• Site surveys to identify and evaluate potential workplace hazards.


Our TYmetrics time and attendance technology offers reports on turnover, headcount, job costing and more. Westaff also offers on-site management of your temporary workforce, including recruiting, training, safety program administration, and quality control.

On Location - On-Site

Put your workforce management in our hands. Westaff’s On-Location On-Site Staffing Program minimizes your time and involvement in overseeing, tracking, and supervising large numbers of temporary employees. Westaff as you on On-Location partner, you can focus on running your business while we manage the workforce challenges. Call on the industry expert.

We get people . . . with the skills that you need

Westaff’s Industrial Solutions Group delivers workers with the skills to help you lower turnover rates, reduce production costs, maintain a safe workplace and increase productivity.

Westaff’s Manufacturing Solutions Group actively recruits for dependable people in the following positions:

  • Manufacturing
  • Inventory Control
  • Maintenance / Cleanup
  • Assembly – Electronic / Mechanical
  • Machine Operators / Shipping / Receiving
  • Picking / Packing
  • Fulfillment / Distribution
  • Forklift
  • QC / QA
  • SMT
  • Technical